Vandenvala, UAB – We sell and install wastewater treatment plants for individual houses, apartment houses, hotels, restaurants, manufacturing companies, rural tourism homesteads, petrol stations and buildings of other purpose.

Wastewater treatment plants

Biological wastewater treatment plants are the best way to treat wastewater in individual houses, homesteads, garden communities, companies, etc. Each wastewater treatment plant differs in treatment parameters, treatment technology, size, shape, installation principle and operating cost.


Vandenvala can take care of the installation of a wastewater treatment plant! Often the wastewater treatment plant can be installed themself, but for best results, it is worth relying on experts in the field.

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Biological wastewater treatment plants essentially operate automatically, but when operating them corresponding technical maintenance should be ensured and performed. Vandenvala can take care of that!

Other services and products

Vandenvala sells other products: underground cellars, oil traps, solar water heaters, tanks, aeration kits, pumping stations

Our specialists will help you choose the most suitable solution for your wastewater treatment. FREE CONSULTATION!

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