„Industrial Heroes“ is a brand of company LZT specialized in production of plastic tanks, containzerized olutions and non-standard plastic products.


Vertical tanks
Rectangular tanks
Underground tanks
Reinforced tanks
Process tanks
Acid tanks
Polypropylene tanks
Thermoplastic tanks
Buffer tanks
Pickling tanks
Settling tanks
Effluent tanks
Effluent treatment tanks
Industrial tanks
Electrostatic tanks
Digestion tanks
Custom tanks
Scrubber tanks
Skid tank solutions
Containerized tanks
Tanks for fish farming
Assembled tanks
Customized tanks
Reinforced tanks
Lamella settling tanks
Water tanks
Plastic tanks
Process tanks
Dosing tanks
Bioreactor tanks
Sewage tanks
Dringking water tanks
Air Purification tanks
Rainwater tanks
Aeration tanks
Insulated tanks
Mixer tanks


Container modification for your technology
Pumping stations
Liquid holders
Technical buildings
Aeration units
Wastewater treatment plant modules
Anaerobic digestion plant modules
Piping systems
Heating distribution points
Bioler rooms
Gas holders
Biogas filtration modules
MBR containers
MBBR containers
Process control containers
Buffer liquid containers


Custom plastic products
Skid tanks
Skid pipping systems
Aeration components
Plastic equipment for aquaculture
Pneumatic instalations
Plastic ducts
Plastic products for hydroponics

Our factory has two different workshops for plastic and metal, so we are a unique contract company in this area.

Contact Us

Laurita Vitkauskė

Sales manager
+370 657 74000

Viktorija Masiulionienė

Head of Sales
+370 600 20085


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